Construction work at the Aéroport international Jean-Lesage de Québec

Construction work at the Aéroport international Jean-Lesage de Québec

Main pic – Jean-Lesage Internation Airport, Quebec City. Photo credit: Harfang

Quebec City (Quebec) 9 October 2014 – After the construction that went on for several years at the Jean Lesage airport to remodel, expand and improve the terminal plus enlarge the parking facilities it appears as if there is going to be some more inconvenience due to construction in the coming months.

The airport needs to expand a little bit more due to a greater number of passengers going in and out its doors.

There has been an increase of approximately 7% over the last year in the number of travellers leaving and arriving so the terminal needs a bit more space to accommodate everyone, for now and for the future.

The two buildings that are at the east end of the main building plus the taxi stand are coming down to make room for an extra wing.

The demolition has started but, it has been discovered that the old buildings have asbestos, lead and mercury deposits which will have to be handled in a special and probably slower fashion, than was first predicted.

The work will carry on at a slower rate but the new construction should start in March of next year as scheduled.

Because of the construction the taxi stand that is presently located where the demolition is taking place, will be moved to the west end where the arrivals exit the building instead of at the departures door.

The work should not disrupt the daily comings and goings of the passengers using the airport.

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