Contemplating the future is a full-time job

Contemplating the future is a full-time job

As the new year approaches, many of us are thinking about the future. What will 2016 bring?

For professional psychic Thomas John, contemplating the future isn’t a once-a-year endeavour; it’s a full-time job.

The American medium, who splits his time between New York and Los Angeles when he isn’t touring across North America, , spoke to Life In Québec while promoting his new book, Never Argue with a Dead Person.

“When I sit with someone, all different types of information can come through,” John explains. “People may receive guidance about decisions they are making currently, things that are coming up ahead for them, or details about those around them. The great thing about a psychic reading is that it is different every time. No reading is the same.”

“A good psychic is like any other professional—like a good doctor, a good lawyer, et cetera. Everyone is intuitive; a psychic and clairvoyant is someone that just has that ability a little more honed in. Similar to a musician or athlete, they have an ability which is innate in all of us.”

Like many people who discover their athletic, artistic, musical or intellectual talents early in life, John says he has been aware of his psychic abilities since he was very young. “I always saw things, felt things, and heard things as a little boy. When I was young, I would always see the Spirit World. I saw auras and colours around people, I saw deceased people. I would also get messages in my dreams. For me, it was a natural part of life. As I got older, I realized that not everyone had this same gift. I noticed that some people were even scared by it.”

John says his decision to use his psychic abilities in his career “just sort of happened.”

“About 8 or 9 years ago, I started doing professional readings. At first, it was for fun, or with friends, or at parties. People enjoyed them and they started to return. People felt that the readings I gave were very accurate. Pretty soon, I had a waiting list. Your reputation in this field is very important—word of mouth is crucial.”

“Much of my work and ability comes from my innate seeing and hearing psychic information,” he explains. “I do not use astrology or other tools. Occasionally, I will use tarot cards or oracle cards to help me with details or timing, but not always. I also sometimes use a process called automatic writing where I let information from Spirit flow out of me through writing.”

John says what started out as a way to entertain party gifts or help friends quickly turned into something much bigger. “I have found missing persons, I have solved murder cases that were cold cases, I have worked with family members to bring healing and closure into their lives. My work has helped many people. Even in a simple reading, many people find healing and closure in the work—answers to questions they wanted to know for many years. Some people have told me my work has helped them more than many years of therapy.”

John particularly specializes in communicating with people who have died. He says he has had thousands of conversations with deceased people. “In a way, all of them are very interesting. The deceased people bring through an energy of light and love. They are very calm, very peaceful, and very nurturing. I always am fascinated with the information that Spirit brings through. Sometimes the details are simply uncanny.”

He acknowledges that many people are skeptical about the existence of psychic powers. “I think it is totally fair to be skeptical. Like any profession, there are people who do this work that are charlatans. I always tell people to do a little research before they sit with a psychic or medium. You should go to someone who is visible— has a website with photos and does public events— and has a good reputation. The best way to get a recommendation is to go to someone with whom a person you know has had a personal experience.

“ However, I am very clear that this work is not for everyone—some people just do not understand it, and it doesn’t help them in anyway. I understand that. It’s something you have to be interested in.”

John has several predictions for the coming year. “Obviously, the world is in a state of turmoil still. I do see the defeat of [Islamic State] next year. In the US, I do feel Hilary will be in office in 2016. I see [Donald] Trump running on his own ticket. I also feel that London, especially areas connected to the Royal Family, will be terrorist spots in the coming months. I also see Russia betraying the US. There will be major conflict there. I also see a reunion with North and South Korea.”

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