Controversy over proposed 65 storey Quebec building

Controversy over proposed 65 storey Quebec building

Main pic: Le Phare Québec. Photo credit: Groupe Dallaire

Quebec City (Quebec) 20 February 2015 – A properties company in Quebec City has unveiled their project to build a 65 storey office tower in the St-Foy shopping district which would be the tallest structure east of Toronto on the Canadian landscape.

The mayor is behind the endeavour, as he usually is when it comes to major undertakings in the city, and says he would be proud of his city to have such a tall building greet people when they arrive in town from the bridge crossing the St. Lawrence River.

The tower, which is being called “Le Phare” (The Lighthouse, or Beacon), is a standalone structure that would literally tower over everything in the area and, if the promoters have their wish, become the pinpoint of Quebec City, much like the Chateau Frontenac.

A lot of people are enthusiastic about the venture, and some others are calling it an eyesore or an unnecessary Dubai imitation that the city doesn’t need or want.

If we look back however, Mayor Labeaume who supports the project, had said in the past, that to be reasonable the city doesn’t need to have buildings higher than 13 or 15 stories when he was talking about some other construction sites that are already underway in the downtown area of the city.

Now he’s ready to change the zoning laws to approve the 65 storey, Phare, so the development can get started.

There is also the question of who will occupy the office space, condos and hotel installations that will become available.

The city already has thousands of empty square feet of office space waiting to be rented or leased, some of the hotels are having huge revenue problems because of a lack of reservations, and a changing population, so who is going to, all of a sudden, move into this 2 million square feet of floor space.

Is it necessary or is it simply a symbol of success for the developers, a company which has its roots well established in the city. The $600 million project is being built by the Dallaire family whose beginnings started back in the ‘70’s with a grocery store, and has now expanded to properties all across Canada under the brand-name Cominar.

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