Copper pipes stolen from empty residence

Copper pipes stolen from empty residence

Quebec City (Québec) 18 September, 2014 – Imagine if you can, you leave your house vacant during the week and someone breaks in and steals all the copper pipes from your basement causing horrific water and heating oil damage to your entire residence.

That’s exactly what happened to M. Mustapha Berri’s brother when he was away in Montreal. M. Berri’s brother works in Montreal during the week and comes back to his home for the weekends and has been doing so for some time, leaving his house vacant during the week.

M. Berri went to his brother’s place on Wednesday afternoon to discover that someone had broken into the house on St. Emile Street in Beauport and removed all the copper pipes he or she could find including the oil tank feed, the water input and drainage system leaving the water rushing in at a tremendous rate and releasing most of the heating oil which was in the oil reservoir.

The house is unlivable and will be evaluated by an insurance company in the coming days.

The police explained to the media that they had never seen such a bizarre case of theft.

There was also a hint that this may not be the first case of its kind in Beauport.

Copper fetches a good price at metal recycling companies and the disappearance of copper from Hydro installations has also been a problem in the past few years.

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