Copper thieves apprehended

Copper thieves apprehended

Main pic: Copper tube. Photo credit: by Giovanni Dall’Orto.

Quebec City (Quebec) 12 November 2014 – The stealing of copper from electrical installations or construction sites has been a problem throughout the globe for the past several years, and because of its value as a precious metal, the reselling process can be a fairly lucrative business, albeit illegal.

A local group of copper thieves, who had been stealing copper from Hydro-Quebec installations in and around the Quebec City area, were rounded up this week as part of a police net by the Sûreté de Québec, (SQ).

The network was quite widespread with individuals coming from as far away as the Beauce region as well as Val-Bélair, two extremities of the area.

The crackdown by police was carried out by approximately 30 different police officers from different regions and was in part, instigated by the arrest of one of the suspects in late October.

One of the suspects, whom the SQ went to arrest at his house, saw them coming, jumped into his car and took off before police could grab him.

Ironically, he was finally stopped later on by Quebec City police because of his erratic driving. The city police had no idea that the driver was part of a police sting and only realized it after they had managed to corner him at a stop light. He was quickly arrested by the SQ upon their arrival at the scene.

The network of copper thieves had been robbing copper from Hydro-Québec properties since February and had committed at least 30 different felonies.

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