Copyright problems for Université Laval

Copyright problems for Université Laval

Quebec City (Quebec) 11 June 2015 – Université Laval is in hot water over a dispute concerning copyright laws and may be facing a lawsuit worth $4 million if the two parties involved cannot reach some kind of agreement.

Copibec, éditeurs (editors) and Auteurs (Authors) du Québec including such authors as Yann Martel and Michel Tremblay, have launched a suit against Université Laval for illegally copying or reproducing their works without permission.

The University reproduces about 11 million pages a year taken from about 7000 different volumes, either Québecois, Canadian or even foreign for which, until 2014, they had an agreement with the authors and editors to do so. Since May 2014 the university however broke the agreement and has continued to copy articles taken from outside sources. Normally 10% of certain articles can be copied for educational purposes but it appears the university has gone way over its limit, and is the only university in Quebec to have done so.

A letter was written to the dean of the university, Denis Brière, by the authors society explaining that the consequences of future lost revenue was enormous and that the practice had to stop immediately.

They realise that with the budgets being cut in recent years that Laval was trying to save money but the group suing the university calculates that they could lose about 4$ million dollars in revenue because of the campus handing out their material, in a copied form.

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