Corvette blamed for house fire

Corvette blamed for house fire

Levis (Quebec)  08 September, 2014 – A duplex in Lévis sustained heavy damage in a fire early Saturday morning that appears to have started from the Corvette that was parked in the driveway.

The fire started shortly before 4.30 am Saturday morning at 1506 Hector Fabre Street. Upon arrival on the scene of the first team of firefighters, the flames had already spread throughout the duplex, according to the Lévis Fire Department.

Damage is estimated at more than $ 200,000 when you include the adjacent garage, the duplex and the burned out car that is now a heap of black and burnt scrap metal. Since a Corvette is made from fibreglass, only the frame and wheels remain.

The police suspect that there may have been an electrical problem with the vehicle and automotive technical specialists have been called in to investigate. The results should be known in a few days. The owner of the car says he arrived home around midnight, shut the vehicle off as usual and everything seemed quite normal.

The two alarm fire was finally brought under control at around 7am. The two occupants of the duplex were not injured and were being taken care of by the Red Cross.

The occupants of the adjoining duplex were evacuated and found refuge elsewhere by themselves. Damage to their residence was minor.

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