Cossette becomes part of China’s Bluefocus

Cossette becomes part of China’s Bluefocus

Quebec City (Quebec) 17 December 2104 – Quebec City’s most well known and successful marketing company Cossette has been taken over by the Chinese firm BlueFocus.

Cossette has been a pinnacle for communications and marketing in Quebec City since the early 1960’s and is classified among the 25 most important marketing and communication companies in the world.

Working under the banner of Vision7 globally, Cossette has offices across Canada and the US.

BlueFocus is China’s biggest communications company raking in around $900 million dollars annually. Its value on the stock exchange is in the $3.9 billion range.

Becoming the major shareholder of Vision7 will help the company to expand into the North American market by using Vision7’s existing customer base and ingenuity.

Cossette management says the company, together with Vision7, will maintain its head office here in Quebec City as well as all the present staff.

According to the local founders of the company, Claude Lessard and Pierre Delagrave, Cossette will continue with business as usual in the area with both gentlemen serving as consultants to the larger conglomerate.

The vice-president and managing director of Cossette, Louis Duchesne says the situation is a win-win for BlueFocus and Vision7 as it will allow Cossette to expand into Asia and allow BlueFocus to do more business in the US under the Vision7 banner.

He also said that the new partnership could help Cossette expand locally which would mean some new hiring could be possible in the coming years.

Recently, BlueFocus has managed to take control of the London, England public relations company, We Are Social and this summer took control of the California Company, Fuseproject.


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