Côte Gilmour Closes for Winter for the Last Time

Côte Gilmour Closes for Winter for the Last Time

Québec, October 24, 2013 – The National Battlefields Commission would like to inform all motorists that Côte Gilmour will be closed to traffic from November 4 to fall 2014 for construction to make the road accessible all year long.

Archaeological excavations will be carried out once the road is closed. Work on Côte Gilmour will then begin next spring, and the road is slated for reopening in fall 2014. Côte Gilmour will be closed to all road traffic for the duration of the construction. The mixed-use interpretive trail for pedestrians and cyclists will be accessible in fall 2015. The National Battlefields

Commission pledges to issue timely updates on the progress of construction to keep the public informed.

However, this announcement does not exclude the possibility of early or sporadic closures, depending on weather conditions. Because road user safety is the biggest priority, the Commission has made this decision in order to minimize potential hazards.

The National Battlefields Commission reminds all motorists that signage is still posted on Grande Allée and Boulevard Champlain to notify them of Côte Gilmour access restrictions. Road users can also get this information by phone at 418-648-4212 or online at www.theplainsofabraham.ca.

National Battlefields Commission Press Release


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