Could Quebec singer Claude Dubois do prison time again

Could Quebec singer Claude Dubois do prison time again

Quebec City (Quebec) 19 June 2015 – One of Quebec’s more popular singers, Claude Dubois was arrested last summer in Quebec City for a DUI with his two children in the car. His alcohol level at the time was twice the allowed limit. It was the third time that the entertainer had been stopped for a DUI.

His case went to court and the judge finally awarded a fine of $3,000 with a one year driver’s licence suspension. The crown prosecutors wanted a much more severe penalty; 90 days in jail and a three year licence suspension.

It’s complicated but, after revision of the seemingly mild sentence, the new judge in the appeal case, Sophie Bourque, annulled the first sentence and a new process will be examined before the courts this morning June 19.

It is not likely M. Dubois will serve 90 days behind bars, but the crown wants some jail time and a more strict driving restriction.

M. Dubois had spent some prison time and a year in a detoxification facility in 1982 for drug use, where he composed several new songs for his repertoire.

He was named to Canada’s music Hall of Fame in 2008 and has won several provincial awards throughout his career.

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