Counting Crows to play Quebec for first time

Counting Crows to play Quebec for first time

Counting Crows play Quebec for first time in over twenty years as a band

By Rosanna Haroutounian

The Counting Crows will rock Le Capitole on May 18 during an extensive Canada-wide tour to promote their new album, Somewhere Under Wonderland.

Guitarist David “Immy” Immerglück became a permanent member of the band in the 90s and says this is the first time the band is performing in Quebec City since forming in 1991.

“On this Canadian tour that we’re doing, we’re hitting some places we’ve never been to before so I’m excited about that,” he says.

Immerglück, whose mother is from Winnipeg, is no stranger to Canada and says he visited Quebec City on tour before joining the Counting Crows.

“I’m a big fan of Canada, and I say that with pride,” he says. “I feel an ancestral familiarity to the place.”

Somewhere Under Wonderland was released in September 2014, debuting at six on the Billboard Top 200. It is the band’s seventh album and first release of original material since 2008’s Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings.

“If you look at the Counting Crows’ recording history, we run on a different clock than other bands,” says Immerglück of the six-year gap between releases. “We wait until the time is right and we’ve got the right material.”

He adds that their concerts involve a mix of old and new material, making it easy for the band to tour between albums.

“Most bands go out there and they have a show that they rehearsed and they know every moment and every second and they play it every day like punching the clock,” he says. “There’s lots of spontaneity involved in what we do, and lots of improvisation off of the recording. Every night is really different.”

Immerglück says the new album encapsulates many different sides of the Counting Crows and is reminiscent of the band’s early days. He says some songs have elements of glam rock, while others are a blend of “weird psychedelic folk.”

“We continue to have inquiring minds about music, so that affects how our music evolves,” he says.

The band promoted Somewhere Under Wonderland with a US tour during December. The next leg of the tour began this April in Australia. The Crows will start touring Canada on April 28 in Vancouver and end May 23 in St. John’s. They will spend another month in Europe before retuning to the United States.

“I’ve been touring for 30 years and it’s always exciting to go to places you’ve never been before,” says Immerglück. “It’s an extra special thrill.”

Immerglück attributes the band’s over twenty years together to good communication and continued friendship among the seven members.

“It boggles everyone’s mind that we’re still standing,” he says. “The future’s uncertain and the end is always near,” he adds, quoting Jim Morrison.

“We’re going to continue doing exactly what we’re doing.”

Tickets to the Quebec show are available on Le Capitole’s website. The Counting Crows will perform with Twin Forks, a folk rock band started by Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional.

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