Coup de Coeur

Coup de Coeur

My family and I recently attended a concert given by the Harmonie and Stage Band of Cap-Rouge. It was held in the beautiful Saint-Félix-du-Cap-Rouge church, just up the road from Nautical Park in Cap-Rouge and not much further from Jacques Cartier’s long-lost 1541-1543 settlement. The church was completed in 1859 under the supervision of architect Joseph-Ferdinand Peachy. The interior décor and ornamentation provided the perfect setting for the Harmonie’s musical performance of “Personal Favourites”.

Under the direction of France Safaçon, the 15 piece stage band started the evening off with “Perdido” by H.J. Lengsfelder. It was followed by two Duke Ellington tunes, “Caravan” and “Do Nothin’ till You Hear from Me”.  The stage band was made up of five trumpets, five saxophones, one double bass, one guitar and one drummer.  There were two trombones filling in because the band is in need of trombonists. They played nine selections in all and finished off with “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, a song first sung in 1934.

After the Intermission, the Harmonie Band of Cap-Rouge took to the stage (or altar). The band was made up of the same musicians from the stage band with the addition of a flute, oboe, euphonium, tuba and some clarinets for a total of 21 performers. The band was really tight and they knew their material. My kids looked up from their books when they recognized some songs from The Lion King. I really got into “A Klezmer Karnival” and “Oye Como Va”.

As musical director France Safaçon explained, all the musicians picked some of their favourite tunes and that’s how they came up with the repertoire for the show. From our strategic location in the choir loft we were able to enjoy the flawless performances of both the Harmonie and stage band. The evening lasted an hour and half. Actually it was longer than that but we had to sneak out between “Noel” and the “Hallelujah Chorus”. We had to get the kids to bed and we knew there would be an encore, if not two, they were that good.

I grew up playing in bands and I’m always eager to expose my kids to live performances by local musicians. I was also hoping to get into the Christmas spirit with some seasonal tunes and at five dollars a ticket, with kids under twelve free, I think it was mission accomplished.

If you’re interested in being part of the Harmonie or stage band you can get in touch with the Cercle de Musique de Cap-Rouge by phoning #418-650-7796 or by emailing

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