Courir à Québec 2013 Battle of the Plains

Courir à Québec 2013 Battle of the Plains

At first glance, the Courir à Québec 2013 season looks like the previous ones.

Five challenges are scheduled such as the Marathon des Deux Rives SSQ. In fact, this new campaign will be marked by major changes like the moving of the half-marathon to Levis and the one-year suspension of the Descente Royale, replaced by the Battles on the Plains.

The Descente Royale was crossed off the calendar for 2013 due to the conflict between staff and the municipality. The half-marathon needed to be moved because of its growing popularity and the narrowness of the only entrance in the Domaine Maizerets, entrance which runners and cars had to go through. The runner density made the entrance and exit of the site much harder. Also, a railway was going across the trajectory towards the end.

The Battle on the Plains is a unique challenge. Runners will be divided in two groups; either blue or red. In addition to competing for themselves, participants also have to compete for their team. At the end of the day, the group with the best cumulative time will be declared winner and its members will have the right to participate in a draw for prizes.

It is on May 5th that the 2013 season of Courir à Québec with the presentation of the international Oasis half-marathon will begin. The start will take place at the Convention Centre in Levis and the finish line will be at the Juvénat Notre-Dame. This will be followed by the Battle on the Plains on June 2 and then, on June 16, the stairs challenge begins.
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