Crackdown on smartphone use while driving

Crackdown on smartphone use while driving

Quebec City (Quebec) 8 October 2014 – The problem of drivers, texting or talking on a cell-phone while driving, has become a major concern for Transport Quebec.

The Minister of Transport is increasing its surveillance and its penalties for anyone caught using a cell-phone (smart-phone) while driving.

It doesn’t matter if you’re texting or talking, the fines will be the same and the demerit points deducted will be four instead of the present three starting next spring.

It’s going to be especially hard on those new drivers who are driving with a learner’s or temporary permit as 4 demerit points mean they automatically lose their licence for a period of three months.

Despite all the advertising campaigns by the government in recent years, drivers are still not getting the message. The ministry has decided to crack-down on the abusers and there will be random spot checks by local and provincial police from time to time throughout the coming months to observe and condemn those who wish to defy the law.

Strangely enough there are other causes of distractions while driving that can be considered dangerous.

Things like smoking and what it involves, eating, checking written notes and even consulting that GPS are right up there as possible causes for accidents sometimes causing death.

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