Crashed Ice on Thin Ice

Crashed Ice on Thin Ice

Crashed Ice on Thin Ice?

RedBull_CrashedIce_2012_RegistrationDiscussions for the next phase of the next Red Bull Crashed Ice Championship in Quebec have entered a crucial phase, according the president of Gestev, Patrice Drouin. Several other cities are interested in the big final. Quebec is not alone in this, as Saint Paul, Minnesota, Moscow, Lausanne and Niagara Falls are also looking to host the event. It remains to be seen who will stand at the finish line.

“For many years, Quebec has received the grand finale of the circuit and we were fortunate. We just need to regain our place. I think we will be fine. Our role is to produce the best possible event to guarantee its return. We are doing the maximum to ensure that. All we require is for the city to open up and for the government to also make a financial offer, “said Mr. Drouin yesterday.

Last winter, Quebec City contributed $285,000 in grants and technical services. The Ministry of Tourism, and le Secrétariat de la Capitale-Nationale also reached into their pockets to help the event.

“This is not a large amount of money. Red Bull invests $5 million per year in Quebec. They will expect to see a return on their investment.

According to the president of Gestev, Saint Paul would be very interested in hosting the final. If this is the case, Quebec could possibly become a test circuit.

“It would not be that bad if they transferred the final. We could host the event at a different point in the season. Maybe in the middle of Carnival, it would be enjoyable for everyone. We must discuss this together. It is important to revitalize the city in the winter,” he said.

Historically, the schedule is announced in July. Mr. Drouin is not overly concerned as Quebec City Mayor,  Régis Labeaume has clearly indicated its interest from Red Bull Canada.

“No matter where you place us in the calendar, Quebec will always be the most coveted event, because Quebec is the Monaco of Crashed Ice,” said Mr. Drouin.

The latest edition of the circuit that was presented in Quebec was particularly distinguished by the rather bold design of the course. Although the number of spectators remained stable, the media coverage has broken all records as the grand finale was shown by broadcasters from hundreds of countries.

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