Creation of l’Agence des transports Will Not Solve Overspending

Creation of l’Agence des transports Will Not Solve Overspending

Unions Questioning: The creation of l’Agence des transports Will Not Solve Overspending.

To the surprise of Sylvain Gaudreault regarding the extras granted by his ministry having concerned civil servants and government engineers, who see it as a very bad omen for the creation of the Transportation Agency.

“When you see that he does not see passed the extras one can imagine that with a board of directors (who will oversee the future agency), he will understand much less of what is going on in “la cabane”,,” fears Denise Boileau, Vice-President of the Syndicat de la Fonction publique and parapublique du Québec, Denise Boileau.

It was reported the cultivation of cost overruns the Ministry of Transportation (MTQ). During the first six months of Marois government, $32 million in extras have been granted by the Deputy Minister, Dominique Savoie. Information that has startled Minister Gaudreault.

According to the union, the PQ minister, who had criticized the cultivation of extras during the Liberal regime should have put his fist on the table and asked to be informed about the cost overruns granted by the MTQ.


Sylvain Gaudreault will soon file a draft law establishing l’Agence des transports.. According to the Minister, this new structure is just a response to the recurring cost exceedances in road infrastructure projects and the loss of expertise at the MTQ in recent years.

“If the Minister gives control to a C. A. wanting to depoliticize , we believe that it moves away from the guidance that he should be given as a person indebted to citizens, argues Denise Boileau. In these turbulent times we are living, the Minister must keep more than his hands on the wheel. ”

“Porridge for cats”

According to the Michel Gagnon, president of the  Government of Québec’s Association of Professional Engineers, the Minister’s argument does not hold water. “This is the gobbledygook,” he told the Journal.

Government engineers are not fundamentally opposed to an agency, he argues. However, Michel Gagnon suspects the Marois government of wanting to introduce tolls on the roads of Quebec with this new structure.

The engineer fears that in the case of electricity, where the responsibility lies on Hydro-Quebec to raise rates it will be Transport Agency that will announce the bad news.
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