Cruise Ship Season Begins with the MS Veendam

Cruise Ship Season Begins with the MS Veendam

Cruise ship season in Quebec City got officially underway May 10, with the arrival of the MS Veendam, a Holland America Lines liner with 1300 people aboard, and the weather was exceptionally warm helping make the event a huge success. She sailed in from Fort Lauderdale and  stopped at Boston on her way back.

Quebec City has become one of the more popular destinations in the world for cruise ship stopovers and this summer will be visited by exactly, at last count 110 different boats, which is up from last year by 20%. There will be at least one a week and they’ll be coming until November.

The cruise ship industry in Quebec brings in about $23 million dollars a year making it a very profitable endeavor.

An important time of the year for these floating cities to visit is in the fall, when the leaves change colour, giving the landscape an orange and red hue which is special to a lot of people who have never experienced it in their native environment. This year on the weekend of October 3rd, the peak time for those colours, there will be six ships tied up at the same time that will bring 20,000 passengers to debark and stroll the streets of Old Quebec and hopefully leave a little change in the restaurants and boutiques of the old town for the short time they’re here which is usually about 24 hours.

For anyone who likes to examine these boats up close, the best way is to go on bicycle as there is a bike path which hugs the wharf the whole length of the port and you won’t have to deal with traffic which is usually heavy when the big ships are accosted along the shore, and it`s best to have a wide angle lens on your camera if you want some really good photos.

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