Cruise Ship Veendam Stuck in Port in Quebec City

Cruise Ship Veendam Stuck in Port in Quebec City

Quebec City (Quebec) October 1, 2014 – A major and rare mechanical problem has forced the visiting cruise ship the Veendam to tie up to dock number 30 in the old port of Quebec City in order to fix the problem as fast as possible.

The ship, which cruises the American east coast, comes to Quebec City on a regular schedule at this time of year and then returns to Boston with a new group of passengers. The passengers on this particular trip, mostly Americans, were bused to the airport and flown back to their original destinations cutting their cruise short. They were reimbursed their tickets and were even offered a free cruise for the next time they decide to re-embark on the Veendam.

Port authorities are hoping the repairs will be done quickly as this coming weekend Quebec City will be host to six different cruise liners who will need docking facilities all at the same time. The Veendam itself is also due back in Boston October 4 for another cruise; if they don’t get back in time the company will have to reimburse a second cruise, which will end up costing them some valued profit. If and when the ship leaves the port it will resume its original schedule and is actually due back in Quebec City on Oct 10.

This weekend, October 3rd, will be a very busy one for the port and its employees. Six cruise liners will be here with an estimated 20,000 tourists all at the same time which will, from what we saw last year, take over Place Royale, Petit Champlain Street and surrounding area for a whole weekend. An event of this magnitude takes a lot of planning and intense logistics organization including land transportation, reloading the ships with fresh food and people management.

Local citizens may want to avoid the port area for this weekend while the many visitors enjoy the sights of the old city and take in the beautiful fall colours abound in and around the area.

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