Cruise ships in Lévis – maybe, maybe not

Cruise ships in Lévis – maybe, maybe not

Main pic: Queen Mary 2 Cruise Ship. Photo credit: Hanseaticus

Lévis (Quebec) 19 February 2015 – Cruise ships docking in Quebec City has become a lucrative business and now the city on the opposite shore would like a piece of the pie.

The Mayor of Lévis, Gilles Lehouillier, is pushing the idea of having some of those cruise lines tie up their ships, on his side of the river instead of always going to Quebec City.

The idea is a good one and has the support of the Quebec City port authorities but, it may not be as simple as is seems.

The city of Lévis is investing $1.5 million to update the wharf where the boats would spend their 24 hour stay-over on the south shore so that tourists and suppliers alike can be welcomed on a professional basis.

There are however certain criteria which would have to be met, the first of which is to have a customs office for international travel. Water depth and logistics would also be needed to be implemented in order to allow the bigger ships to dock at the Paquet wharf.

The Quebec City Port Authority director, Mario Girard, says the size of boats being able to use the Paquet wharf would be limited and would certainly not include ships the size of the Queen Mary etc.

The port authority is leaning more towards local cruise ships using the quai Paquet eliminating the need for a customs bureau. The idea of smaller ships dropping anchor on the Lévis side of the St. Lawrence River would help alleviate the overloading of Quebec City’s docks in peak periods.

The work on the Paquet dock in Lévis is slated to be finished in the summer of 2016, and the scheduling for the next arrival of cruise ships is already into its 2017 season, so before we see any of those beautiful liners tying-up in Lévis it probably won’t be before 2018.

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