Cyclist injured by car in Parc technologique du Québec métropolitain

Cyclist injured by car in Parc technologique du Québec métropolitain

Quebec City (Quebec) 6 March 2015 – A man in his sixties, who was bicycling in the area of the Québec Metro High Tech Park, close to boul. Hamel, yesterday evening around 5 pm, was hit from behind by a vehicle causing the cyclist to be thrown from his bike and tossed onto the hood and windshield of the car.

According to police, who quickly arrived on the scene, the man was severely injured and was rushed to hospital by an ambulance.

The man was wearing a helmet and was riding a mountain bike, which would have been suitable for the conditions as the roads are still coated with ice and snow in certain areas.

The cause of the accident is not known for the moment.

Police don’t know if the cyclist made a false manoeuvre or if the driver of the car was perhaps blinded by the sun.

An inquiry has been initiated and the driver of the car and its passenger will be questioned as will the cyclist if and when he is able to speak to police.

The ambulance spokesman, David Munger, seemed to think that the cyclist was injured to the point that his life could be in danger, although he was alive when the ambulance left for the hospital.

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