Dagobert Bar Closes Doors for 24 Days

Dagobert Bar Closes Doors for 24 Days

Quebec City (Québec) – The 24 day closing period of Québec’s Dagobert bar has become official.

The Service de la Police de la Ville de Québec closed the popular nightspot located at 600, Grande Allée Est, Québec (Québec) last Thursday morning, under the strict orders of the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ).

Officers of the Police Service of the City of Quebec (SPVQ) have affixed the seal of the Department of Public Safety on the multiple bars, refrigerators and other nightclub facilities located on the three floors, under watch of the caretaker of the place who was busy dismantling the terrace with a view of the closure.

Under this suspension, no one is allowed to enter the Dagobert for any nightclub activity until the 18th of August. The Dagobert is being punished by the RACJ due to multiple offences of drunkenness, fist fights, noise complaints, and other smaller disorders related to the activities taking place in the club.

The suspension corresponds to events that occurred between January 2011 and April 2012. The RACJ calculated that there were close to 120 cases during this period, for which the Dagobert was ‘found guilty of certain offences’, according to spokesman from the SPVQ.

Earlier this week, the Administrative Court rejected the request from the owner of the Dagobert, Gilles Laberge, to postpone the suspension amounting to 24 days. Mr. Laberge wanted to keep his licence for the summer, a highly busy period.

Estimated loss in sales for this period is estimated at around $300,000 for the business.
Temporary workers have had to be laid off during this period, too.

This is the second suspension of the same type for the Dagobert in the last ten years.

Following the announcement of the suspension in early summer, Gilles Laberge, in addition to requesting it be postponed, said he wished to comply with certain requirements to minimize the illegal activities around the establishment. He wished to do everything in his power to diminish the risk that these types of offences keep occurring within his establishment.

For now though, Quebec City’s night owls will have to find somewhere else to enjoy themselves.

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