Dance Troop On Fire… Literally.

Dance Troop On Fire… Literally.

A dance troop known as Cloud Gate presented its impressive routine this week at the Grand Theatre, but the show turned out to be even more spectacular than usual for the audience this time around.

One of the dance numbers includes a scene called “Fire Ritual” where the performers sweep across the stage carrying pods of fire which they eventually place on their partner’s heads. Unfortunately for one of the dancers when their particular pot was positioned over their head it spilt some of the flaming liquid which caused the dancer’s hair to catch fire.

The whole thing pretty much went down almost unnoticed as the individual involved, quickly ran off the scene and was taken immediately to hospital as a precautionary measure. The show continued on without a hitch and everyone was impressed how the whole thing was under control in a matter of minutes; obviously security procedures were prepared for such an eventuality.

Fortunately the person involved got away with only some burnt hair and singed eyebrows, but it could have been much worse if they hadn’t been prepared.

The crowd certainly got their money’s worth and more especially knowing that in the end no one was seriously injured.

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