Danko Jones to light up Quebec with Fire Music at Dagobert

Danko Jones to light up Quebec with Fire Music at Dagobert

Main pic: Dank Jones L to R: John ‘JC’ Calabrese (bass), Rich Knox (drums), Danko Jones (vox/guitar)
(Photo Credit: Dustin Rabin).

By Rosanna Haroutounian

Canadian rock band Danko Jones will burn up the stage when they present music from their latest album, Fire Music, at Quebec’s Dagobert on April 30. The Toronto band has been touring globally for 15 years, which front man Dank Jones says has included many stops in Quebec.

“Quebec as a province is a good hard, heavy, music community,” says Jones. “If there’s any chance to play in Quebec, we usually take it.”

Jones says he recalls playing at Festival d’été de Québec in 2013 with the bands Foreigner and Def Leppard.

“I think the claim was it was the biggest stage in North America, and I didn’t doubt it,” he says.

Jones says Fire Music has more energy than the band’s previous six studio albums.

“There’s a lot of punk-rock influence,” says Jones. He adds that the contribution of new drummer Rich Knox can be heard extensively on this album, especially on the first release, “Do You Wanna Rock.”

“It’s a step-up in terms of all the other records we put out.”

Another song from the album, “Gonna Be A Fight Tonight,” was featured as the theme song for the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble.

“It was pretty good for us,” says Jones. “We got a lot of exposure for the album before it got out.”

Fire Music was released in February of this year. The band began touring in Europe in March before returning to Canada in April. From May to the end of August, Jones says the band will be in Europe again and then tour throughout the UK in September.

“The fact that 19 years later, we’re still playing and we’re able to go to other countries and other continents, it’s definitely a full-time, all-year-round job.”

He says the band will tour again in Canada at the end of this year or beginning of the next.

“It’s hard to please everyone when you have seven albums,” says Jones. “Eventually, some songs won’t get played that people want to hear because there’s just so many.”

Formed in 1996, Jones says the band got little airtime on the radio initially and that he and the other members would take time off other jobs in order to perform. He says the band’s rise in popularity during the advent of the Internet and cell phones has changed the way they tour.

“Now, you can keep in touch with promoters and hotels a lot easier than stopping on the side of the road and calling on a public phone, trying to get enough quarters into the pay phone so you can call the city to tell them that you’re going to be late.”

Along with e-mail and social media, the Internet also provides Jones with a new channel to connect with fans in the form of podcasts.

“Four years ago, podcasts as a medium exploded,” says Jones. “I started listening to a lot of them and I got the bug to do my own.”

Jones says he uploads two episodes of The Official Danko Jones Podcast every month. Available on iTunes and SoundCloud, the podcasts feature Jones interviewing other musicians and comedians. Jones says his 100th podcast will be aired in June of this year, and that it may be a celebratory episode.

Tickets to see Danko Jones and fellow rockers Say Yes on April 30 at Dagobert are available online at LEPOINTDEVENTE.com (http://lepointdevente.com/billets/D7P150430001/).

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