DATSIK Dubstep Pioneer in Quebec City

DATSIK Dubstep Pioneer in Quebec City

Datsik_LogoNorth American dubstep pioneer DATSIK, is coming to Quebec City, QC Thursday, January 31 at Chez Dagobert.

DATSIK recently released the first edition of the two-part COLD BLOODED EP on his own independent label Firepower Records.

The new 7-track EP acts as the perfect soundtrack to DATSIK’s mammoth “FIREPOWER RELOADED” Tour presented by Rockstar Energy Drink, which celebrated the launch of Firepower Records.

Part two of the COLD BLOODED EP will be released later this spring. Listen to the COLD BLOODED EP streaming on BILLBOARD.COM now: http://goo.gl/ylpCY.

Leading DATSIK’s first body of work since the release of his debut album Vitamin D, the title track doesn’t waste any time in dealing the first lethal blows. Led in by its shuffling percussion and dub skank, it dives head first into barrage of gnarled drums and rapid-fire bass. Up next, DATSIK’s brutal production collides with rapper Messinian’s raw lyrics on the industrially reinforced “Automatik,” a pummeling exercise in low-end mechanics. The heat continues with “Machete” as DATSIK this time teams up with MCs Snak The Ripper and Young Sin to deliver a powerful assault of growling bass and roaring synths balanced by the swirling pads and 8-bit arpeggios.

Datsik_Cold_Blooded“Juicebox” introduces a more playful element to the EP with its hyperactive bounce, energetic melodies and scratch samples before “Too Late To Say No”’s expansive synths pave the way for an overdriven bass onslaught. Falling into line next is single “Vindicate” with its ferocious web of twisted beats and morphing, intertwined bass lines. The lurching juggernaut “Release Me” complete the package, destroying anything left in its path.

With a string of Beatport #1’s, sell-out tours, and a rapidly growing fan base, the Canadian producer/DJ and label boss has entered the New Year on an exceptionally high note, and with the release of COLD BLOODED he’s already making his claim to an even bigger 2013.

Please let me know if you can offer any coverage of the upcoming DATSIK show and/or new EP. Press materials, show tickets and artist interviews are available as well.

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One of the hottest names in dubstep today, DATSIK (Troy Beetles) has been taking the electronic music scene by storm, blowing up dance floors around the globe with his original style of hip-hop future-tech bangers, which create the essence of his FIREPOWER label. Barely out of high school, the Canadian artist and producer inked a deal with Excision‘s Rottun Recordings. DATSIK released a series of successful singles and EPs and rose to prominence as a leader of the underground dubstep scene in North America. After collaborating with the legendary Korn on The Path of Totality, he toured the U.S. with the group. Then, 2012 saw him release his proper full-length debut, Vitamin D, via Dim Mak Records featuring the epic single “Evilution” [Featuring Jonathan Davis of Korn & Infected Mushroom].

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