Davie Shipbuilding celebrates launch of the Cecon Pride

Davie Shipbuilding celebrates launch of the Cecon Pride

Friday, Oct. 25 2013 was a great day and a celebration for Davie Shipyard Canada , situated on the south shore of Quebec City. It was the launch and baptism of the “Cecon Pride”, the first ship built entirely on site in over 15 years.

The achievement is a special one for the shipyard as it celebrates not only the completion, but the Cecon Pride is the most complex and largest ship built in Canada in the last two decades. Built for extreme situations, this impressive vessel was designed to operate in more than 3,000 metres deep and in harsh environments. Constructed to the highest standards, it uses a diesel powered generator supplying six electric thrusters called “dynamic positioners” to maintain a stable position when working on a variety of underwater construction sites.

The yard is hoping to get more similar contracts in the future and having built this one puts them on a global platform to do just that. Davie had been shut down for three years prior to this contract and this was a challenge to prove they could do it, a challenge they are proud to have met.

There is new pride and hope that the company will again prosper like it did in the 60’s and 70’s. It meant work for 750 people who had been living on the edge for the last few years and although the atmosphere was non-productive in the past, there now seems to be a new attitude amongst the workers.
It was the 717th ship to be built at Davie, which has a long history in the area, and they will be building two more similar to “Pride” in the next few years.

Delivery of the ship to the Norwegian company, which exploits oceanic oil fields, is expected in February 2014.

Cecon was excited to get the news and is anxious to start putting the vessel to good use.
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