Deadmau5 Proof: Electro Alive and Well in Québec

Deadmau5 Proof: Electro Alive and Well in Québec


Deadmau5 and some 50,000 people proved without a shadow of a doubt, tonight, that Québec’s electro-music scene is flourishing.

Armed with mouse ears, blow-up flamingos, and an uncrushable soul for the beat, Deadmau5 fans swarmed the Plains of Abraham for the musical artist. By far the most engaged crowd (though not the biggest) of the Festival d’Été so far, you couldn’t find a single soul not lost in the DJ’s rhythm and beat, people gyrating like no other show yet to grace the Plains at this festival.  Nobody was left untouched.

High up on his geometric stage-above-the-stage, beat legend Deadmau5 played his mixes bordered by imagery ranging from vintage board games to Cthulu mythology to the downright mystical.  His iconic mouse-eared helmet firmly on for all but the hottest moments of the show, the Toronto-based mixing artist was without a doubt at his peak to the thousands before him.  Girls sat atop boys’ shoulders, lights flared throughout the audience, and for a solid two hours the Plains were afire with the kind of music usually reserved for hot club dance floors and lounges well outside the FEQ.

Deadmau5 effortlessly weaved through his music without a single dull moment, mixing hard electronic beats with sampled vocals from various ranges of styles – all tied together by his signature steady and sharp style and constant bass undertones.

Stepping down from his high perch momentarily to salute the crowd, Deadmau5 continued with a beat-heavy final act that bordered on the psychedelic, flowing to a mix calling out the genre’s gaming origins in an F-Zero style composition featuring imagery of other top-tier electronic music artists of the world.

Winding down the show, Deadmau5 ended with a heavy-handed love-ballad style mix harsh on the base but loaded with emotion, before ending on an almost pure-synth sound as if to wish the audience good night.  He ultimately bowed out just minutes after midnight, to an adoring crowd who would have had hours more.

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