Decision looms for Île d’Orléans Bridge

Decision looms for Île d’Orléans Bridge

Quebec City (Quebec) 24 March 2015 – The rumours have been circulating since 2014 as to what decision the government will make concerning the replacement of the bridge leading to Ile D’Orléans and it appears as though that decision is about to be announced.

The Ministry of Transport for Quebec (MTQ) is in the process of inking the final status on the study which has been going on for a year now. The announcement will be made later this spring.

The options open to the committee, called dossier opportunité, are, a regular bridge, a suspension bridge, a causeway or even a tunnel. The report about to be published will outline all the costs, techniques, and construction time of each option where after a decision will be made as to which plan the government will decide upon taking into account all three criteria.

The budget for the new construction is around $400 million which probably makes the simple bridge the most likely decision. The date set for the finalisation of the construction is hopefully 2022 but, before any construction can start the MTQ has to approve the project and then send it to some architects to have a design drawn up which could take at least a year.

In the meantime the government has to pay for the maintenance of the old bridge which was built in 1935 and is slowly disintegrating and sinking as each year goes by. The present bridge would not withstand any substantial earthquake and has no protection against the elements making it a disaster waiting to happen.

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