Declawing your cat may soon be illegal

Declawing your cat may soon be illegal

Quebec City (Quebec) 10 February 2015 – If the veterinarians and animal rights groups get their way, it may become illegal to have your cat declawed, a custom which has become very popular amongst cat owners.

The practice, known as onyxectomy, is not allowed in over 40 countries in the world and is reported as being a detriment to the natural defence properties of felines.

It has been shown that cats which have been declawed have a stronger tendency to bite and or show their teeth as a defense mechanism compared to swatting with their paws.
It can even cause the personalities of cats to change and can cause unnecessary injury to the animals because they cannot grab onto things like they normally would.

People get their cats declawed to prevent the animals from ruining the furniture or rugs in a house and to protect children from being scratched but, according to veterinarians and cat lovers, there are other options available or other means of avoiding such inconveniences.

Caps can be fitted to the cat’s claws with the use of Softclaws, which is simpler and causes less suffering.

Scratching posts can be better situated in a house so that the animal will be attracted to the post rather than to its favorite chair or chesterfield.
Whether or not a cat feels any pain after being declawed is up for debate, but it definitely prohibits them from doing certain normal feline activities which can cause them to act differently than they normally would.

Vets and cat lover societies are hoping to launch a declawing campaign starting this spring, if for no other reason, than to make people aware of the problem.

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