Deep water soloing extreme sport in works for Lac Beauport

Deep water soloing extreme sport in works for Lac Beauport

Quebec City (Quebec) 22 January 2015 – A new competitive extreme sport is about to hit the shores of Lac Beauport this summer.

It’s called Deep Water Soloing, and what it is, is a tall climbing wall erected over a pool or lake where contestants have to climb up as fast as possible and then release themselves, if they don’t fall first, into a body of water from the top of the wall.

The owner of Roc Gym, Francois-Guy Thivierge, is the man behind the plan and intends on using the installations at the Yves Laroche training centre in Lac Beauport to hold the event which will go down on July 3, 4, and 5.

For this first time event in the area the wall will be erected next to the 12 foot deep pool which is already being used by the training centre.

Ideally, it would be on the lake but, that would require a more solid and permanent installation which for now is not available.

The wall is 35 feet high, and 24 feet wide with inclinations of 60 and 45 degrees which means at the top the climber is almost upside down before falling or slipping into the water.

The race may be between two climbers at a time or four, depending on the structure of the wall.

M. Thivierge is taking a risk holding the event as it is very new in America but, he hopes to attract most of the best climbers in the world to come and compete.

It should be an exciting weekend for the spectators who will have a grandstand setup to watch it from.

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