Demers-bicyclettes et skis de fond

Demers-bicyclettes et skis de fond

A real institution in the Limoilou neighbourhood, Demers-bicyclettes et skis de fond was established in 1946.

The co-proprietor, Claudia Roy, gave the secret to staying on top of the game. When talking about cycling and skiing, Demers is the reference in Quebec. As long as she can remember, Claudia Roy has always been involved in the store which was formerly owned by her father, Marcel Roy. To her, it was only logical to take over the family business.

In 1999, Claudia Roy and her brother Marc-Antoine Roy bought their father’s store who himself had bought it from M. Demers 20 years before.

Demers at that time was only a bicycle store. It was Marcel Roy who decided to introduce cross-country skis to the store inventory.

Why not alpine skis and snowboards? They tried in the past but the results were not so great. It takes another type of expertise to keep them. Their strength is their service. All of their employees are cycling or skiing addicts. Every year, they take part in seminars given by many companies to stay up-to-date. A bicycle will remain a bicycle, but thanks to the new technologies, the engines get better, lighter, and generally perform better. Same thing for skiis.

Demers prides itself on offering good products at a good value. They sell all kinds of bikes and skiis and the price range is set for any type of cyclist or skier. For cross-country skis, the prices range from $80 to $700. The cost for bicycles starts at $230 and climbs up to $13,000. For nearly ten years, road cycling has regained popularity and people tend to equip themselves more.

The store also offers a large selection of clothing and accessories. In addition to offering reparation and rental, Demers regularly runs troubleshooting clinics for the benefit of everyone.

Demers is renowned for its ten-day guarantee. Even used, skis and bicycles can be exchanged or reimbursed. They sell pleasure.
People don’t often return that!

1044, 3e Avenue, Québec
418 529-1012      

Here is the store’s website if you’d like to know more:
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