Demon road founder gets 30 months inside

Demon road founder gets 30 months inside

Quebec City (Quebec) 29 October 2014 – As a follow up to an article which previously appeared in about the founder of the motorcycle club known as Demon Road who was filming his exploits of riding a motorcycle at 300km/h.

Judge Hélène Bouillon of the court of Quebec City, just brought down a sentence this week of 34 months in jail for the daredevil rider.

Tommy Bar-Longuépée has already been incarcerated for three months leaving 30 months left to serve on his sentence allowing a month of flexibility.

The judge also had his licence revoked for five and a half years and confiscated his possessions of marijuana, arms, money and of course his most treasured possession, the famous black motorcycle that had been the star in most of his videos.

M. Bar-Longuépée was arrested when police witnessed him travelling on one wheel with his motorcycle doing 237km/h in early August this year.

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