Déraciné by Jenny Montgomery

Déraciné by Jenny Montgomery

May 30 in Québec, Déraciné will be presented at 17h at the Zinc café/bar (336, rue du Roi). This reading is one of the events during the Carrefour international de théâtre. Free. More information here: http://www.carrefourtheatre.qc.ca/evenements#deracines

Déraciné by Jenny Montgomery

More than just a law about what one can or can’t wear, the Québec Charter of Values has brought some fundamental questions into the spotlight. What exactly is the Québécois identity? How do we decide just who is “Québécois” or not? How do we as a society deal with the variety of cultures represented by the people who live here in Québec? Is there hope for finding common ground and understanding on these important questions? Created from Montreal Life Stories interviews with refugees, Québécois, and people “in between” cultures, Déraciné explores themes of cultural identity, belonging, and concepts of “home” in a way that’s accessible, sensitive and often funny.

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