Did You Win Your Own Casino? Someone Did…

Did You Win Your Own Casino? Someone Did…

Our last competition of 2012 is over, the one where you could win your own casino, or a Mafia Casino Board Game to be a bit more precise.


Fancy yourself as a bit of a ganster? Many clearly do, as we had a truckload of entries.

So, we put all the entries into a grubby brown envelope, loitered around the back of the office block for a while engaged in private, muffled conversation, and then looked at who paid us the most picked the winner at random.

And the winner is…….

Bill Russell.

So Bill, if you’re reading this, your Mafia Casino Board Game is in the office awaiting collection.

Thanks to all who entered, and better luck next time.

We’ll kick off 2013 with another competition, so do pop back to LifeinQuebec.com for further chances to win some goodies.

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