Disney Cruises to come to Quebec in 2014?

Disney Cruises to come to Quebec in 2014?

In the next two years, Mickey Mouse, Minnie, and many other Disney characters could come visit Quebec followed by hundreds of families. Quebec City is presently negotiating with Disney to host one of its cruise ships.

Quebec already awaits 117 000 tourists from cruises and more than 60 000 crew members but is still trying to offer the best market price. The Canada-New-England route is in the top ten most popular destinations worldwide. It is in the top with Australia, the Caribbean, Alaska, Mediterranean, the Baltic and Northern Europe.

This negotiation is possible because of years if continuous effort from many partners and the former Port manager, Ross Gaudreault. Quebec’s popularity is without a doubt going to increase. This summer will be the first time, with the MS Veendam from Holland America, that a cruise ship will have Quebec as a main port. This new collaboration will definitely attract others.

Families are in the target of the Quebec Tourism industry. Recently the Disney Company entered the market with four huge cruise ships and one of them has been based in New York this summer. Disney controls 100% of their marketing department and analyzes every place where they could stop beforehand. At the moment, it offers cruises leaving from Venice, Barcelona, Miami, Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Juan, and many others.

The trips in the Maritimes from New York were successful and now Quebec could be the next destination. According to the Tourism Office, Quebec has all it needs to welcome Disney and families.

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