Diversified Revenue Sources for Municipalities Needed

Diversified Revenue Sources for Municipalities Needed

Quebec City (Quebec) 22 March 2015 – Municipalities are given more and more responsibility by the Quebec government, but they now expect the “funding that should come with it.”

The president of the UMQ and Sainte-Julie Mayor Suzanne Roy states that municipalities must have the tools necessary for good management. “With the Livre Blanc, Éric Forest brought us to a turning point, that of the recognition of municipalities as a proximity government. We want a future tax to municipalities.”

The Mayor of Rimouski and former president of the UMQ, Éric Forest, said that municipalities are currently in an interim fiscal pact. “We want to see how we can diversify our revenue sources, but also how we can work to better control our expenses, have the tools to make sound management of public funds. If Québec wants to grow, municipalities are key partners to the challenges of demographics, sustainable development, globalization, economic development. But now the toolbox is poor because we only have the advantage of the property tax. It’s always the same tax payer in the end. We must have financing tools without overloading the tax burden of taxpayers.”

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