Do you drink and drive in Quebec?

Do you drink and drive in Quebec?

If you do, then perhaps it’s time for some education.

Quebec City (Quebec) 31 December 2014 – In a recent poll taken by the Société de l’assurance automobile de Québec (SAAQ), concerning driving while inebriated, some surprising results emerged. The survey, published by La Presse newspaper shows that more than half of Quebec drivers drove a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol in 2014. When asked if they had used their car after drinking 53% of respondents said yes they probably had.

Of those people questioned, 18% admitted to having had at least a minimum of two drinks one hour before getting behind the wheel of their vehicle with 6% saying they had at least five drinks before driving.

Oddly enough, it was discovered that 1/3 of Quebecers do not completely understand the .08 established limit as set down by the SAAQ. Some think it is only over .08 that you cannot drive, others weren’t sure what the limit was and still others think that the level is too strict. 98% of those who answered agree that no one should drive a car after having consumed alcohol.

The SAAQ would like to point out however that even a level of .08 can be misleading as some people tend to be able to hold their liquor better than others whereas others can have their faculties hindered by an even lesser level. Other factors also play a role in how one is affected by alcohol; things like fatigue, medication and even stress, together with the alcohol, can alter the effects on one’s ability to control an automobile, either in normal conditions or under emergency reactions.

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