Do you live on the worst road in Quebec?

Do you live on the worst road in Quebec?

Quebec City (Quebec) 1 May 2015 – The Canadian Automobile Club (CAA), Quebec, is launching its new contest this week called There are no prizes to win, except for the fact that your worst road will have a better chance of being repaired sooner than normal, and of course bragging rights.

The idea has been running in other provinces for a couple of years and has reaped some rewards for its participants in the way of road repairs.

The web-site was up and running on Thursday, April 30 and so far the response has been good. The worst road topping the list since yesterday is the road linking Lac-Beauport to Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval called Travers de Laval.

The contest, if you can call it that, is open to the whole province so we can probably expect some changes to that list within the next few days. We presume there will be a short list and a long list. The CAA-Quebec will be keeping the website updated and will let its followers know what’s going on in the way of road repairs and or road conditions of the roads or streets on the list.

If you think you have the worst road in your neighbourhood, simply sign in to the above mentioned website and supply a photo and a brief description of the road and maybe it may actually get some attention. The results will be funneled to the media. The web-site closes down on May 24, so you have about a month to complain about that road you hate driving over, everyday.

Elsewhere in the world there are some other options when it comes to highlighting the need for road repairs.

In Ukraine, for example, they plant flowers in the potholes like this:

Whereas, in Manchester, England, they well, erm, they, draw stuff – have a look for yourself:

Now, about those roads you live on. What’s it to be?

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