Do You Need a Boating Licence in Quebec?

Do You Need a Boating Licence in Quebec?

Did you know that people wanting to drive a motor boat must have training in order to obtain a licence to drive one, also known as a boat licence? On its website,, the Quebec Marine Security School suggests a quick and simple training session allowing navigating securely.

Louis-Philippe Ethier, president of the school, clarifies that the card has been mandatory since 2009, for all types of boats. Accredited by Transport Canada, boat driver training is available on the internet or in class. Online training allows students to do it anytime. It is an easier way to visualize the teaching videos when and where ever students need it.

During this training period, the student learns the speed limits and priority rules. It also gives information on hypothermia and teaches them how to create a route plan, how to choose and wear flotation clothes, the use of pyrotechnic distress fireworks, and emergency measures.

The training lasts 3 hours.


Not following the rules while navigating can expose the person to very high fees. From the start, if the person doesn’t own a boat driver’s licence, a fine of $250 will be issued. In addition, a further fine of $250 will be attributed for each missing or nonconforming element. For example, if in addition to not owning a card, the person doesn’t wear a life jacket or flotation devices, he/she will have to pay $500.

It is for the better that all drivers should respect the laws.

The first chapter of the training is free. Signup now to get your boat licence and avoid penalties later.

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