Doctors Feuding Over Non-Compete Clause

Doctors Feuding Over Non-Compete Clause

Quebec City (Quebec) September 30, 2104 – Two doctors in the area are in court these days fighting over a clause in a contract which maintains that if someone leaves one private clinic for another there are certain conditions that have to be respected.

Dr. Julie Marois left a private clinic run by Dr. Marc Lacroix for another clinic close to her previous place of work, but according to a signed document which she herself helped edit in 2014 states that if she were to leave Dr. Lacroix’s clinic she could not establish herself in another private medical centre within 50km until 18 months after leaving.

Dr. Marois starting working five days later in a new clinic called Médic Axion only 10km from Clinique Lacroix which obviously contradicts her original contract. The problem being of course that when a doctor changes her/his place of work, their clients (patients) normally follow them to the new location meaning the Clinique Lacroix is going to lose a good number of its clientele.

The case came before the courts two weeks ago and at that encounter the judge put a temporary injunction on Dr. Marois restricting her from soliciting actual or future patients from the Lacroix clinic. The injunction has been extended to October 22, but there is a concern for Dr. Marois’ patients, as in the interim, they have no doctor to refer to, unless they change doctors and continue going to the Lacroix institution. Lacroix is trying to have Marois fired from Axion and not be able to practice until 2016.

It appears to be a complicated case, especially for the patients, who are the innocent victims of a feud between two professionals who can’t seem to rectify their differences without going to court.

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