Does anybody care about the Commonwealth Games?

Does anybody care about the Commonwealth Games?

Quebec City (Quebec) August 3, 2014 – The Commonwealth of Nations, formerly the British Commonwealth, formerly the British Empire, or today, just plain old Commonwealth.

Is it important, is it relevant, does anyone really care?

Every 4 years there’s a few thousand athletes who do care that the thing exists. Every 4 years a select band of athletes descend upon a city in one of the 53 member states and put on a friendly show.

Think of it as a mini-Olympics but without the big names. The Americans aren’t invited – but could have been but for a few crates of tea, and most of the big names who can attend don’t, pulling out ‘injured’ or don’t travel as they have got a note from their mum or other excuse.

The big names who do attend can be often be relied upon to give the media at least one glorious soundbite.
And Glasgow 2014 was no exception. Cue Usain Bolt – the world’s greatest ever sprinter. Some would have you believe he thought they were A bit shit. Ouch.

The 2014 Commonwealth Games held this year in Glasgow, Scotland ended today. July 23 to August 3 saw 11 days of sporting action but honestly, did anyone in Canada really notice?
And I mean the general public, not the athletes, families of athletes, or friends of the thousands of competitors who took part.

Go on, be honest – did you watch any of it? Did you even know what channel it was on?
Was it on TV? No idea.
If you were a construction worker you could have watched it all – because you were on holiday for all of it weren’t you (don’t get me started on that).

I know who cared – the 82 Canadians who did the country proud and brought home a medal. That’s who.

Canada came third in the overall medals table behind England and Australia, with a haul of 32 gold, 16 silver, and 34 bronze medals.

Go Team Canada!

For the record, 22 were from Quebec.

Quebec’s 6 gold medals would have put us joint 12th with Malaysia.
MALAYSIA! They have a population of over 29 million people. And Quebec is up there with them. That’s awesome.

Go Team Quebec!

For the record, here are the competitors from Quebec who did our corner of Canada proud.

Gold (6)

Katerine Savard (Pont-Rouge) – Swimming: Women’s 100m butterfly.
Audrey Lacroix (Pont-Rouge) – Swimming: Women’s 200m butterfly.
Marie-Eve Beauchemin-Nadeau (Montreal) – Weightlifting: Women’s 75 kg.
Meaghan Benfeito (Montreal) & Roseline Filion (Laval) – Diving: Women’s 10m synchro.
Meaghan Benfeito (Montreal) – Diving): Women’s 10m.
Jennifer Abel (Montreal) – Diving: Women’s 1m springboard.

Silver (5)

Samantha Cheverton (Pointe-Claire) with Brittany MacLean, Alyson Ackman, Emily Overholt – Swimming: Women’s 4x200m freestyle.
Jennifer Abel (Montreal) and Pamela Ware (Greenfield Park) – Diving: Women’s 3m synchro.
Diane Roy (Notre-Dame-du-Lac – Athletics: Women’s para-sport 1,500m.
Jennifer Abel (Montreal) – Diving: Women’s 3m springboard.
Ariane Fortin (Lévis) – Boxing: Women’s 75 kg.

Bronze (11)

Alix Renaud-Roy (Trois-Rivières) – Judo: Women’s 70 kg.
Ana Laura Portuondo (Montreal) – Judo: Women’s 78 kg.
Sandrine Mainville (Montreal) with Alyson Ackman, Michelle Williams, and Victoria Poon – Swimming: Women’s 4x100m freestyle.
Katerine Savard (Pont-Rouge), Sandrine Mainville (Montreal) with Sinead Russell, and Tara van Beilen – Swimming): Women’s 4x100m medley.
Rémi Pelletier-Roy (Quebec) – Cycling: Men’s 20km scratch race.
Pascal Plamondon (Sherbrooke) – Weightlifting: Men’s 85 kg.
Aurelie Rivard (Montreal) – Swimming: Women’s para-sport 200m IM.
Julie Labonté (Saint-Georges) – Athletics: Women’s shot put.
Alex Dupont (Montreal) – Athletics: Men’s para-sport 1,500m.
Roseline Filion (Laval) – Diving: Women’s 10m.
Vincent Riendeau (Sainte-Hyacinthe) – Diving: Men’s 10m platform.

For some competing this is their shot at stardom, their chance of a medal.
These men and women put in hours, weeks, months, and years of training and have enormous skill.

The medals are thoroughly deserved and they (and we) should be proud of their achievements.

The 2015 Pan Am games are on Canadian soil next year in Toronto and then the 2016 Olympics are also on the American continent in Rio, Brazil.

Canadian and Quebec sport is in safe hands it seems. And long may it remain so.

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