Dog breeder gets hit with heavy $26,000 fine

Dog breeder gets hit with heavy $26,000 fine

Granby (Quebec) 28 September 2015 – A dog breeder from the Eastern Townships found herself facing a heavy fine last week when she was found guilty of mistreating and being negligent concerning the animals she was keeping in a barn on her property in Bonsecours.

Mme Joyce Powers Veilleux had housed approximately 200 dogs and 20 cats in a barn that was unfit to accommodate such a large number of animals. Some of the female dogs were pregnant but had no special treatment or attention.

The situation was discovered in May of 2014 by the local SPCA and the MAPAQ (Quebec’s animal protection agency) and was televised by the International Humane Society on the National news. The animals were packed in, dirty, undernourished and generally unattended to by Mrs. Powers Veilleux who was looking after the animals all by herself.

The case never went to court because Mrs. Powers Veilleux settled the matter by pleading guilty to 19 charges of neglect and mistreatment of the animals. The fine of $26,000 was a first in Quebec and M. Carl Girard, who runs the SPA for the region, was delighted that such a steep fine was finally imposed on someone who neglected animals.

Up until now such cases were fined $1,000 or $2,000, which was a drop in the ocean compared to the crime. M. Girard hopes the stiff fine will show other breeders just how serious the treatment of animals is.

Quebec was accused of being neglectful towards the rules of breeding and caring for animals by the International Humane Society and a new committee was set-up to examine the situation.

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