Dominique Brown Leaves Beenox for Good

Dominique Brown Leaves Beenox for Good

Thirsty for new entrepreneurial challenges, the founder of Beenox, Dominique Brown, is leaving the studio for good and passing on the torch to two longtime partners.

Last October, Dominique Brown retired temporarily to “think about his future.” Now, the businessman admits that he has considered leaving Beenox behind for several months. He expressed his intentions of leaving to his employer, Activision, at the beginning of the year. It was in October that he decided to take time to ensure that he did not take the decision lightly.

Difficulties on a personal level and a very busy professional year have pushed the reflection farther. He realized that the motivation that inspired him ever since the creation of the video game company in the year 2000 was no longer present in his life.

In the past two years, the company has been in development mode. All in all, Mr. Brown expressed that he is an entrepreneur at heart and he wishes to undertake new challenges as any entrepreneur would.

Owner of the Chocolat Favoris chain since last summer, the 34 year old man believes he has found exactly what he was looking for: an interesting new challenge. Next summer, he sees himself opening new branches. According to him, the company has a massive amount of potential that is just waiting to explode.

The entrepreneur did not necessarily intend to leave the field that gave him his name. However, he feels that a break from the realm of technology will do him some good.

The new co-directors of Beenox do not feel the same as Mr. Brown. They see the extreme potential of the studio, which currently employs 300 people.

Thomas Wilson, head of creation believes there are still challenges and opportunities within the company. Sylvain Morel, the other director and operations manager, seems to share the same opinion that the company will never be finished growing and there will always be room for improvement.

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