Done deal for more power to Quebec municipalities

Done deal for more power to Quebec municipalities

Lévis (Quebec) 24 September 2015 – Last night, September 23 the provinces mayor’s together with the Quebec Municpalities Association (UMQ) were reunited at the Lévis convention centre to vote on the new “pacte fiscal” (fiscal policy) that would give the municipalities more autonomy over their control of their finances. The new agreement with the province was accepted with an 80% majority.

The idea is to allow the towns and cities to have more power over their decisions, but with the austerity measures intact, to do it with less money coming from the province. The province already said it would be cutting municipal transfers by about $300 million yearly in the short term.

Both mayor Labeaume of Quebec City and Denis Coderre of Montreal are pleased with the “pact” which will also give them more leeway when dealing with municipal employees.

The unions are up in arms about the deal and the CSN even held a demonstration in front of the Lévis convention centre before the meeting got started. They claim the agreement will lead to more corruption and administrative chaos than ever before.

The unions are concerned that with the new budget restrictions their working conditions will be affected, and since the cities now have more power over their collective agreements things could get nasty between the city bosses and their employees.

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