Don’t be Alarmed, ‘cause it’s gonna’ cost ya more

Don’t be Alarmed, ‘cause it’s gonna’ cost ya more

Quebec City will be charging more for those false alarms in 2014, and the appalling statistics make their decision quite reasonable.

In 2012 out of 18,000 911 calls for theft alarms, 99% were non-founded, so the city has decided to meet the problem head on by charging the guilty parties double to what they were already paying. It’s very costly for the city to have to send out police vehicles and or fire trucks to these cases which not only wastes time on the road but also involves a lot of paperwork and administration costs, as each call has to be reported and documented accordingly.

As of January 1, 2014 the fine for a second false alarm at the same residence will be $80, for a third time $140 and $200 for every time there after.

For small businesses the fines are $140, and $400 respectively.

The city hopes to make residents and small business owners aware of the problem and what is involved when answering a false alarm.

Some calls even come from neighbours who hear alarms at a house where the owners are not home which can sometimes double the 911 call for absolutely no reason, a problem that will hopefully be resolved with the new fines.
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