Don’t Everyone Jump at Once: A Review

Don’t Everyone Jump at Once: A Review

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Review by Des Burkinshaw

Don’t Everyone Jump at Once 
Columns and other misguided notions
By Ross Murray
Price: $18.50
ISBN 9780991824410

Publisher: Blue Ice Books

No one is safe from CBC columnist Ross Murray’s critical eye. Including himself.
He’s been known to put yogurt in the cupboard and anti-septic cream in the freezer (apply neither liberally to the affected area).

The columns, covering everyday observations on the (sometimes seemingly chaotic) goings-on unfolding around him, include such gems as:

An orange is not a fruit. It’s a commitment.
The object of Family Game Night is to play a board game together without losing your sanity.
Thanks to the long john, winter is much more bearable, offering welcome heat on frigid days. It’s like a Florida vacation in your pants.
Drawing on folk tales and interpretive dance, contemporary Europeans recreated rugby with modern rules.
On going to the fair ‘So many people. I’d never seen so many beards. And the men were pretty hairy, too.’
If you gathered five scientists in a room and asked each one of them the same question, you’d get very, very bored.
On this day in history 1981 – Togo celebrates 2,000 consecutive days of going completely unnoticed. Citizens mark occasion by sleeping in.

A light-hearted look at life, this is something you can dip in and out of, and makes the perfect addition to any bookshelf.

Buy this book.

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