Don’t have car, but need one in a hurry – maybe Car2Go is the solution

Don’t have car, but need one in a hurry – maybe Car2Go is the solution

Let the transport revolution commence!

Quebec City (Quebec) 25 November 2014 – There is a new player coming to town for those people who like to have a car at their disposal without having to buy one.

A German company known as Car2Go, has approached the city to install their new system of car sharing throughout the downtown area.

The idea is to have about 40 electric cars available in different, preferably strategic, parking spots where a person can reserve one within 30 minutes notice and use it for the time he or she needs.

There is another player in the car sharing game however, who is already offering the service in Montreal, with 130 cars available at a text message moment’s notice and it appears to be working.

Communauto already has a similar service functioning in this city. The only difference is that their cars have to be reserved well in advance and are usually reserved for a few days at a time.

They are also in the race to have the new 30 minute system, where you can take a car in one place and leave it in another, implanted here in Quebec City.

Their on the spot car sharing division is appropriately called Auto-Mobile and they hope to get their option up and running before the Car2Go people squeeze in.

It will cost 38 cents a minute to use the cars up to a maximum of $12 an hour, or even $50 a day. The cars are unlocked by using an OPUS bus pass card which can be obtained from the RTC outlets. Once the system is up and running you will be able to reserve (retain) a car for 30 minutes, through your smart-phone, use it for as long as you need, and leave it somewhere else or bring it back to where you took it from; and it will all be charged to your on-line account.

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