Door Open for Possible Residents at Concorde

Door Open for Possible Residents at Concorde

Quebec City (Quebec) January 24, 2015 – Now that the dust has settled on the saga surrounding the purchase and vocation of the Concorde, City Hall is willing to give another look at the possibility of residences being set up as part of the building’s use.  In the flurry of controversy that surrounded the possible purchase the building by a group alleged by the mayor to have mafia ties, the City passed an ordinance – specific to the building – that would have made it impossible to have permanent residents according to zoning laws.

There was also some controversy over the possibility of the building being converted to a senior’s residence, which some thought clashed with Grande Allée continuing as a hub of the city’s nightlife.

However, the building’s new owner, Jean-Guy Sylvain, was able to reverse the decision on zoning laws to allow for the possibility of permanent residents in a condo-hotel style use of the building.  M. Sylvain states he currently has no intention of converting the building to partial condos, but liked having the possibility open to him should he have difficulty in his ongoing efforts to reinvigorate the building’s hotel business.

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