Double murder trial of alleged hitman driver deferred

Double murder trial of alleged hitman driver deferred

Leslie Greenwood, accused of having participated in a double murder committed close to a McDonald’s restaurant district Notre-Dame-de-Grâce in 2010 will not be held until next fall.

His trial, which was to open Monday morning before 12 jurors in the courthouse in Montreal, had to be postponed to September because Judge Sophie Bourque is unable to preside as planned.

Justice Bourque is recovering from a “serious” health problem and no other judge of the Superior Court is available in the short term to ensure her succession, said the judge coordinator Marc David on Monday, thanking the nine men and three women who had been selected to form the jury.

Twelve other jurors will be selected in six months to hold this trial, which should always be chaired by Justice Bourque when it has resumed his duties, added Justice David.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Leslie Greenwood, 44, is charged with the premeditated murder of Kirk Murray and Antonio Onesi, shot in the parking lot of a McDonald’s in the Rue St. Jacques, January 24th, 2010.

The hitman turned informer, Robert William Simpson, who was on the payroll of the Hells Angels, and his younger brother, Shawn Timothy Simpson, has already confessed to the murder and serving life prison sentences.

Detained since his arrest in spring 2012, Greenwood acted as a driver of Simpson brothers, from the evidence gathered by the Sûreté du Québec.

According to the survey, the contract would have been controlled by Jeffrey Albert Lynds, a member of the Hells Angels Nomads in Ontario.

Lynds was also accused of the murders, but he took his life in prison in January 2012.

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