Double Ski Lift Trouble: Simultaneous Breakdowns at Mont-Sainte-Anne and Stoneham

Double Ski Lift Trouble: Simultaneous Breakdowns at Mont-Sainte-Anne and Stoneham

Quebec City (Quebec) 21 February 2015 – An incredibly unlikely series of mechanical failures led to the near-simultaneous breakdowns of ski lifts at both Mont-Sainte-Anne and Stoneham ski hills today. The region’s two top ski destinations – more than an hour apart – both led to the evacuation of skiers from immobile lift chairs.

Beginning at 10AM this morning, a mechanical failure in a ski lift at Stoneham was signaled.  Normally, such failures are quickly resolved and the lift begins to move again within minutes, but this specific issue – whatever it was – wasn’t that simple.  Within half an hour, it became apparent that the machinery would not co-operate, and skiers began to be evacuated.

Nearly 70km away, as the last of the skiers were getting back to the ground at Stoneham, a similar mechanical breakdown occurred on a ski lift at Mont-Sante-Anne at around 11:30AM.  There, too, mechanics weren’t able to get the lift moving again, and there too, skiers were helped down by emergency measures.

Officials from both ski hills point out the mechanical errors appear to be an unfortunate mechanical breakdown, and any connection between the two hills is a simple, though remarkably rare, coincidence.  No skiers were injured at either mountain.  To compensate them for their troubles, skiers had their day passes refunded and were given a free pass for a future date.

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