Downtown Quebec garbage collection is back to the bag

Downtown Quebec garbage collection is back to the bag

Quebec City (Quebec) 23 February 2015 – The city of Quebec has just announced that it will be abolishing the green and blue garbage bins that are presently being used for garbage collection.

The bins have been popular up until now but, the process of emptying them and collecting the garbage from them has turned out to be more costly than the old method of just picking up the bags and tossing them into the back of a truck.

Not only will it be less expensive to use bags but, it will also relieve a lot of traffic problems in the downtown area.

Emptying bins, whether they be on wheels or just the standard box, takes considerable more time than just swinging those bags, sometimes two or three at a time, into an open truck.

The bins were also a problem for some residents who didn’t necessarily have a convenient place to store them during the week.

Together with the change of containers there will also be a change in the hours that the garbage will be picked up.

With the new bagging policy, a new schedule which will see the garbage being picked up at night and during the weekend, instead of during the day.

This will help reduce the traffic problems and should also help the streets to stay cleaner during the week as residents will only be putting out their garbage after 5pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

The new rules will start in April of this year, and residents and businesses alike will be notified in the coming weeks by the city itself.

There is also talk of the city supplying clear plastic bags for the recyclable material which may be distributed on a door to door campaign.

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